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All your Risk Management Solutions, working together as One Cohesive Unit

Element Security & Risk Management Solutions dedicated team guarantees a responsive and fast answer to any request. Your premises' safety is taken care of by professional, experienced operators trained by qualified and competent training professionals. For any of your needs, ESRMS will provide you with an efficient and reliable solution.




ESRMS can provides you with fully trained and experienced armed guards to monitor sites in order to prevent harmful situations. They are available 24/7 to secure your business, events or home . They are specialized to face any emergency situation.



Our security officers perform patrol for many industries including businesses, residential areas, construction sites. All our services are adjusted and fine tuned to your needs.



ESRMS also provides a wide range of other services where safety is concerned. Our leadership team will be please to assist you for construction site security, Retail loss and prevention, Parking lots checks, Standby services for water leaks Power outage etc... Security Manual / Policy and procedure, Contact us to find the Solution you need! 



ESRMS's Agents ensures vigilance to preserve the security and protection of your premises. All our agents work as a team and are perfectly trained to deal with any at risk situation.



ESRMS understands that each project comes with its unique set of requirements. We are proud to provide customized training opportunities that cater to your specific needs. Our team of specialists will assess, identify, and provide solutions to all security and risk management concerns.



Zachary’s professional career began with an enlistment in the United States Marine Corps in June of 2001.  During his enlistment, Zachary served as a Squad Leader and Team Leader in the 3rd Marine Division supporting numerous combat and hazardous duty missions in support of The Global War on Terrorism. In 2004, Zachary was selected out of his unit to become part of the Marine Security Guard Division and work with The Department of State as part of the Diplomatic Security Forces Unit. While with the Diplomatic Security Forces Unit Zachary’s mission was to protect High Profile and Top-Secret Property and Personnel. Zachary was part of a Diplomat Security Team in South East Asia and eventually was promoted to a Detachment Commander and Team Lead for his unit in West Africa. During his time in the United States Marine Corps Zachary demonstrated great development in his military career, moving through schools and multiple hazardous duty missions in a professional manner. While serving as Detachment Commander in West Africa Zachary oversaw a 20-Man detachment with a mission to support the U.S. Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria along with supporting other Embassy and Special Operations within the West African region. Zachary oversaw all training plans, scheduling, evacuation plans, and operational coordination with Department of State and other government agencies that worked within that region.


After an honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps in 2007, Zachary entered the private sector and utilized the skills and core values taught to him by the USMC to thrive and succeed in the business world.


Zachary started working in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry and obtained his Insurance and Securities Licenses in 2007. He eventually became a Chartered Financial Advisor and Financial Services Specialist in 2008. After working in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry for 7 years Zachary decided to use the skills and values that he has used in the military world along with the lessons he has learned in the business world to venture into the private security world and founded Element Security Solutions Inc. in 2016.


Zachary has the unique understanding of both the security industry, and business industry to lead Element Security & Risk Management Solutions as the Chief Executive Officer. Zachary provides Element Security Solutions Inc. with vision, financial resources, and business structure that the company needs to be a leader in the Private Security Industry and provide cutting edge products and services to its clients for years to come.


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