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Unarmed Security Guard

unarmed SG

Unarmed guards are one of the most effective way to protect equipment, merchandise and overall people who do business on your property. While many business owners believe that armed security guards are the only solution in the matterthe  of highest level of security, an unarmed guard may be a better match for your needs.

Element Security & Risk Management Solutions can help you to determine the best security strategy for your unique situation so you can get the most effective solution that fits your budget. Our unarmed guards have the skills, training, and disposition to handle variety of security risks.

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armed SG

Armed Security Guard

Despite a top of the line security system for your business, property or personnel, you sometimes think about other security options like Armed security Guards. They represent the cream of the crop to secure valuable assets. They all have tacticle experience paired with the intensive personal security training that ESRMS provides. ESRMS security guards will partner with you to exceed your security goals. They are professional, highly competent, and effective. The use of force is never the desired outcome, however, if it's needed you want to be sure that our armed security guards are trained and prepared to act.

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Event Security

ESRMS offers an excellent event-security staffing. Our clients always can rely on the best security experience for their event ranging from a single-day sporting event to multiple days festivals, shows, or concerts. We offer uniformed unarmed or armed & roving patrols to make sure our customer's needs are reached. Contact us for a free security assessment.

Roving patrol

Roving Patrol


When your business requires site wide security, ESRMS provides the best roving Patrols services available. Tailored to your business needs and budget, we can offer a wide range of services to give you confidence that your property, employees, and visitors are safe & secure any time of the day or can act quickly in the event of an emergency after hours.

Roving patrols are most of the time enough to deter crime, prevent vandalism and increase feelings of safety on site.

Construction site Secu

Construction Site Security

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ESRMS Construction security guards will deter and prevent criminals from stealing construction equipment on site. They will efficiently prevent individuals from coming onto the property when it should be vacant with strong authority and presence. Our guards will follow guidelines between the two of us while protecting your premises for your peace of mind during construction.

foot patrol

Foot Patrol


Foot patrol is an effective way to keep crime out of your business. ESRMS's foot patrol has the ability to secure all aspects of your business from the inside out. Our foot patrol guards can be used as a constant moving security presence on site to recognize maintenance issues or safety hazards as well as providing a safe community and workplace.

Vehicle Patrol

Vehicle Patrol


Large sites can be vulnerable to a variety of threats. ESRMS's vehicle patrols are one of the most cost effective & reliable solutions that can address suspicious activities in real-time.

they perform security checks everywhere, targeting places with low camera visibility. Their frequent moves deter vandalism and thieves. Their speedy response ensures putting at fail potential perpetrators while making employees and visitors feel at ease and secure. ESRMS vehicle patrols are implemented with technological devices to report incidents on live for future analysis and set more secure procedures to protect your assets.


Management & Employee Safety & Security Training

ESRMS training programs provide State mandated levels & extensive training in position-related duties.

We can accommodate specific requests from a customer by designing a program addressing particular concerns. All of our training is taken seriously to ensure a good reaction by following procedure for any particular situation.


Residential Patrols


ESRMS's residential patrols are trained to provide the security you need for your safety and peace of mind at home whatever the size of the condominium, gated community, or apartment complex you want to protect. Our officers are at the highest level to give top-notch service to our customers. Residential ESRMS's units ensure your property remains clean and free of crime.

Loss & Prevention

Retail Loss & Prevention


If you are experiencing shrinkage and loss of stock ESRMS will show you how investing in a loss prevention officer could be a good business decision. ESRMS will not only supply your retail Prevention officer but also help your staff with best practices to prevent stock losses by tackling theft and responding appropriately to shoplifters.

Parking lot

Parking lot Checks


Parking lots are known to be one of the most targeted playgrounds for burglars, and vagrants as they are poorly lit or with limited visibility. ESRMS patrols will show a presence to any unwanted visitors and provide detailed reports related to any events. Our guards will keep your parking lot on watch to deter threats and ensure that your customers feel safe on your premises.


Standby Services


In today's unpredictable world, your facility, Employees, and assets may be targeted and threatened. ESRMS can provide the protection you need with our professionally trained standby security guards. They are adapting their skills to your unique site and situation so that they can provide the best service you deserve to protect your assets.

Int/ext Checks

Exterior / Interior Checks

ESRMS provides periodic exterior and interior checks for your property to prevent burglaries, and things such as climatic or water damage and doors and windows checks while you're away. Interior checks include Utility checks, Temperature settings, running water, and faucets or winterizing during cold weather, package service and securing doors and windows, and setting of alarm systems. A tailored service will be set to discuss your needs.

Securty Manual

Security Manual Review / Preparation 

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Security Policy

Security Policy and Procedure review


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